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Pink Feathers

Savor these delicious candies that give a waffer like texture but will melt in your mouth!


When not enjoying these sweets, store in a cool, dry area. 


Container Sizes: Small 16oz Container, Large 32oz Container. Actual product weight varies.


Made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to Florida’s food safety regulations.

Milk Dudz - Freeze Dried


Corn syrup, sugar, vegetable oil (cocoa butter, palm, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oil), nonfat milk, dextrose, chocolate, contains less than 2% or less of: brown sugar, whey (milk), mono and diglycerides, sodium bicarbonate, milk fat, salt, resinous glaze, soy lecithin, tapioca dextrin, vanillin, artificial flavor.

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